Nothing knows more about you than your phone.

Detox is the AI-powered guardian angel for your mobile. Continuously monitoring for security threats. Detox lets you go about your online life and offline life securely.

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Mobile Security Built Around You

Detox apps

Have confidence the apps you use are safe.

Not even the biggest apps are immune from cyber attacks. Detox automatically scans your device for malicious or compromised apps, alerting you and advising if any issues are detected.

Detox WiFi Scanner

Know the WiFi network you are on is secure.

Public networks are notoriously vulnerable; not only does Detox tell you how secure they are you connect, but it also continues to monitor the whole time you're connected.

Detox Cyber Security News

Stay informed and keep ahead.

For most of us, Cybersecurity is not our specialist subject! That's why Detox provides a personalised newsfeed, 24/7 access to our cyber gurus and informative quizzes to help you better understand the risks.

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Cybercrime just got personal

Big businesses used to be main focus of hackers. However, the rise of sophisticated hacking tools and leaked databases on the dark web has made individuals an easier and equally attractive target.


By 2021 cybercrime is estimated to cost the world $11.4m every minute - that's $6 trillion a year. 16,172 records become exposed every minute due to privacy breaches, and a new vulnerability uncovered every 24. These dizzying numbers mean our digital security has never been more critical.

Detox Protection

When it comes to protection of Desktop computers and laptops, they generally have some form of security software, mobile devices much less so. Detox is here to change that with an app that delivers simple, intelligent and personalized protection to help you live a safer digital life.

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A bit about us

Detox was born out of sheer passion towards cybersecurity, and we're on a mission to share our skill and experience to help individuals and organization stay safe online.

We have experienced team of ethical hackers, awarded Hall of Fame status for their efforts identifying security vulnerabilities on some of world's largest platforms. Among them Amazon, Google, Whatsapp, LinkedIn and Medlife.

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